Remember the adorable little kid from Love Actually? Well, it turns out tiny Sam is closer in age to Keira Knightley than viewers may think. 

In the hit 2003 romantic comedy, Knightley plays beautiful and sought-after bride Juliet, while Thomas Brodie-Sangster took on the role of Liam Neeson's young son, who is in love with his classmate and first crush, Joanna (Olivia Olson).

While it may seem like the co-stars were miles apart in ages, Love Actually detectives have uncovered that there is only a mere FIVE years between the two. Yep, Knightley was 18 when she starred in the movie, and Brodie-Sangster was a very child-like 13.

Fans have been left stunned over the insane fact, and naturally, a queue of hilarious tweets has surfaced online.

Here are some of our favourites: