There's a happy ending for the Irish tennis fan who missed out on American player Jack Sock's towel when it was pulled from his hands by another spectator at Wimbledon on Tuesday.

Sock had thrown his towel into the crowd after beating Chile's Christian Garin with the young Irish fan catching it, only for a man sitting in front of him to snatch it from his hands.

Sock's agent, Mary Jane Orman, has now confirmed that the young fan has made contact after a video of the incident went viral and the World No 18 made an appeal on social media. 

"The boy messaged Jack directly on Instagram and is from Ireland," Orman said in a statement.

"He is gone home now but Jack invited him to his matches and said he will send him a towel."

Judy Murray, tennis coach and mother of Wimbledon winners Andy and Jamie Murray, was among those to hit out at the unsportsmanlike behaviour she had seen in the crowd at Court No 8.

Andy and Judy Murray

After a clip of the incident appeared on Twitter, she tweeted: "If you're the bloke in the blue polo shirt and hat, you should be ashamed..."

Speaking about the incident, Murray said: "I thought, 'What are you doing?' I hope that somebody recognises him and comes forward with his name and that Jack Sock can give him a towel."

"You want the whole thing to be a wonderful experience and you don't want anybody to be going home disappointed. So I think it was a lovely gesture of him [Jack Sock] and I hope he manages to find the guy," she added.

Others also criticised the towel snatcher, labelling him as "mean" and "greedy".

A number of users jumped to the man's defence, however, with some saying that the Irish fan shouldn't have been reaching across the couple seated in front of him to catch the towel, when it would have landed in the woman's lap.