Touring stadiums with Katy Perry last year has clearly altered Marina Lambrini Diamandis’ cunningly calculated trajectory for pop stardom. Her much-admired debut, The Family Jewels, was a quirky electro pop meets guitar hybrid which was musically rich and crammed with pop wannabe confessionals. This follow up is produced by big hitters like Dr Luke (Perry), Rick Nowels (Madonna), and Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen) and it sees Marina fully embrace Perry’s tried and testing formula for pop idol success with a knowing wink. Former quirks of individuality are stream rollered by blanket digital overload and the central gag of using female archetypes (housewife, homewrecker, and Primadonna) as a commentary on pop culture is wearing. Electra Heart has a punchy Euro rave allure but somehow Marina just doesn’t sparkle like before.

Alan Corr