For Eighties timewarp, dance floor thrills, Marina Diamandis' 'Oh No!' packs a lot into three minutes. It's the best song on her debut by far and also has its most telling lyric: "I know exactly what I want and who I want to be." That's the problem; it sounds like she doesn't.

While some of the pop and ballads on 'The Family Jewels' show that Diamandis can belt out a line and come up with a chorus, the 24-year-old flicks the 'kooky switch' with her voice far too often. Hear it used once on, say, 'Oh No!' and it stands out; hear it all over the place on this, three-tracks-too-long-to-begin-with album and it's memorable for all the wrong reasons. Forget about the theatrics; think about what serves the songs best and writing stronger ones.

Ultimately, it comes down to a simple choice: do you want to be thought of in the same company as Florence Welch or Bonnie Langford's Violet in 'Just William'?

Harry Guerin