Nelly Furtado, that nice woman who sang 'I'm Like a Bird', heading for Miami, working with Timbaland, calling her album 'Loose' and lighting up the fireworks with a song called 'Promiscuous'? It's all a long way from 2003's career-skidding 'Folklore'.

Unlike many reinventions, however, 'Loose' never sounds like an act of desperation - the problem is it's an album that doesn't live up to its title and go all the way.

Had every song here been of the quality of 'Maneater' and 'Promiscuous', Furtado would've elevated herself to Gwen Stefani territory; instead she loses some of her sway when she retreats to the saccharine safety zone with 'Te Busque', 'In God's Hands' and 'All Good Things'.

But as pop albums go it works more than it wobbles and shows that Furtado should seek out more adventurous collaborators in the future. 

Harry Guerin