DreamWorks - 2003 - 55 minutes

'I'm Like a Bird' came, stayed, got bigger and then convinced some that the sound of warm 2001 would be the last we'd hear from Portuguese Canadian Nelly Furtado.

The title of the first track on her second album, 'One-Trick Pony', suggests she thought about it plenty too. And aside from 'Grass is Green', no-one could accuse her of trying to have the same hit twice.

Instead 'Folklore' has the 23-year-old developing her sense of adventure and appreciation of world grooves: 'Powerless' banjo-breakbeat face-off rails against magazines changing the shade of her skin while her holidaymate on 'Island of Wonder' is Caetano Veloso.

The album peaks with 'Childhood Dreams', a thank-you for motherhood which mixes a church organ and the Cocteau Twins and spans nearly seven minutes.

It's not the easiest to hum but it's a song that will live longer than any summer.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: One Trick Pony - Powerless (Say What You Want) - Explode - Try - Fresh off the Boat - Forca - The Grass is Green - Picture Perfect - Saturdays - Build You Up - Island of Wonder - Childhood Dreams - Try (Acoustic Version)