Maverick - 2005 - 54 minutes

The debut album by Deftones singer Chino Moreno's side project has been so long in the making that it was only natural to wonder whether Team Sleep were taking their name a little too literally. But Moreno and his team-mates have proved themselves with a record that is dark, rich and, crucially, sounds like the work of a full-time band.

There are only a few blasts of well-placed heavy guitars ('Live from The Stage' brilliantly wakes up the closing part of the album), instead atmospherics are the order of the night, with inspiration drawn from electronic beats, instrumental rock and that alluring distance that bands like Mogwai and Depeche Mode have made their own.

Split between tracks that click straight away and others that slow burn, it would be a pity if some erroneous nu-metal guilt by association involving Moreno and his other group prevented as many people as possible from discovering Team Sleep. If you're a fan of The Deftones you should hear this album and if you're not you should hear it too.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Ataraxia - Ever (Foreign Flag) - Your Skull Is Red - Princeton Review - Blvd Nights - Delorian - Our Ride to the Rectory - Tomb of Liegia - Elizabeth - Staring at the Queen - Ever Since WWI - King Diamond - Live from the Stage - Paris Arm - 11/11