Blue Note/Parlophone - 2004 - 46 minutes

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the lack of fuss. When someone aged 24 sells 17m copies of their debut, you expect to wait longer than two years for the follow-up. You expect scrapped sessions and wrong turns, too much hype and too little heart, what you don't expect is it for all to seem so, well, effortless.

It's ridiculous to think that pressing the record button was the most planned thing about this album but that's exactly how it feels - as if Jones, her band and guests (Dolly Parton, and Levon Helm and Garth Hudson from The Band) just sat down, played and let the songs breathe. That space finds her moving along from the jazz of 'Come Away With Me' to a rootsier sound - more twilight than late night. Again, the originals and covers bed down together, but this time Jones has written or co-written seven of the tracks, including the two best: 'Sunrise' and 'The Prettiest Thing'.

The gentleness and simplicity of 'Feels Like Home' will attach itself to many very quickly, filling out solitary time or soothing the atmosphere in even the most cramped people carrier. That sounds cynical; this collection is anything but.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Sunrise - What Am I to You? - Those Sweet Words - Carnival Town - In the Morning - Be Here to Love Me - Creepin' In - Toes - Humble Me - Above Ground - The Long Way Home - The Prettiest Thing - Don't Miss You at All