One Little Indian - 2003 - 41 minutes

The height of Greg Dulli's fame was over ten years ago when his then band, The Afghan Whigs, released their third album, 'Gentlemen'. Some, applying 'wisdom' to that fact, might reckon it must have been the best thing Dulli ever wrote. A masterpiece, no doubt, but he's also made four great records since then that deserve just as much attention: The Afghan Whigs' 'Black Love', their swansong '1969', his first solo foray as The Twilight Singers in 2000 and now his second.

Few have tackled messed-up men so well for so long as Dulli. His failings, and thus appeal, can be summed up in just two lines of lyrics: "If you're trouble I'll follow you down" and "I'm one of those sad boys who's hypnotised by girls who walk the walk". Riddled from start to finish with desire and self-loathing, 'Blackberry Belle' is more rock than its predecessor - owing lots to the last two 'Whigs albums - but still offers so much to those who know that high drama means more than turning up the guitars.

And whether you're someone who lost touch with Dulli after 'Gentlemen' or have been following his trail ever since, this album should be the next one you hear. Either way, it's been too long.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Martin Eden - Esta Noche - Teenage Wristband - St Gregory - The Killer - Decatur St - Papillon - Follow Your Down - Feathers - Fat City (Slight Return) - Number Nine