Plateau - 2003 - 73 minutes

The Frames have always been renowned for their live shows. Anyone who has experienced the band in concert will have seen the intense connection between charismatic frontman Glen Hansard, a group of superb musicians, and an equally committed audience.

Incredibly, 'Set List', recorded over four November 2002 shows in Dublin's Vicar Street, manages to capture the sound and feeling of live Frames. It's never been enough for the band to stand on stage and merely reproduce songs from their recorded output - they always go that extra mile, turning a mere concert into a total Experience.

From the Willy Wonka moment of 'Pure Imagination' in 'Star Star' (Glen: "Close your eyes, count to three, make a wish..."), to the audience participation on new track 'The Blood', the diversion into Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' on 'Perfect Opening Line' and the amp explosion in the middle of 'Fitzcarraldo', the energy never lets up, on either side of the stage.

'Set List' is a perfectly posed snapshot of a rare alchemy between audience and musicians. Not just for Frames fans.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Revelate - Star Star - Lay Me Down - God Bless Mom - What Happens When The Heart Just Stops - Rent Day Blues - Pavement Tune - The Stars Are Underground - Santa Maria - Perfect Opening Line - Your Face - Fitzcarraldo - The Blood