V2 - 2002 - 53 minutes

After a year of small-print, the band previously referred to as the 'Flopstars', are finally hitting the headlines, but this time it's for the right reasons. With the future of TV show winners Hear'say hanging in the balance, the timing has never been better for Liberty X to turn the words 'pop' and 'stars' into a winning combination.

Forget the name-change and the media-based rivalry with Hear'say, for Liberty X – including Irishman Tony Lundon – now it's all about the music. The doors are open, it's their long-awaited chance to prove themselves, and by all accounts, they've not done a bad job at all.

The three-girl, two-guy format suits each and every track on the album. Current chart-stormer, 'Just A Little' was originally offered to Anastacia, so it seems fate is on the side of the quintet, as it's been their biggest hit to-date. Opener 'Thinking It Over' (their first release), always showed promise and it still sounds fresh and upbeat today. The sassy 'Doin' It' is firmly aimed at an audience that is more 'High-school' than 'Play-school'.

Their cover of Mantronix's 'Got To Have Your Love', although true to the original, could have been all the more intriguing by use of sampling. With only a couple of duff tracks, 'Thinking It Over' is perfect pop with a touch of urban added for credible effect.

Freedom, it seems, has at last arrived for Liberty X.

David Byrne

Tracklisting: Thinking It Over - Just A Little - Doin' It - Wanting Me Tonight - Got To Have Your Love - No Clouds - Everyday - Saturday - Holding On For You - I Got What You Want - Feel The Rush - Right Here Right Now - Dream About It - Never Give Up