Anti – 2001 – 51 minutes

Alanis Morissette and Cyndi Lauper, a Nirvana cover and a reworking of the Wonder Woman theme: welcome back to the weird and wired world of Tricky.

After a couple of poorly received albums, it appeared that the former Massive Attack man would never again reach the heights of his 1995 debut 'Maxinquaye'. But just as you're about to write him off for good, along comes 'Blowback' leaving you to wonder if the last five years of stodgy records, dodgy gigs and interview rants ever really happened.

From opener 'Excess' (think the incidental music for 'Miami Vice' with a rapper thrown in), it's a bizarre journey through styles, flying off in thirteen different directions and never staying in one place for too long.

'Girls' finds the Bristol boy teaming up with Californian sock rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a slice of funk metal, 'Your Name' is nursery rhyme love put to hip-hop and the album's standout track 'Revolution, Evolution, Love' serves up raga vocals, Spanish guitars and time is now lyrics in equal measure.

Those hankering for Tricky's trademark brand of darkness won't be disappointed either, with 'Bury The Evidence' every ounce as ominous as its title suggests, 'Five Days' a sinister collage of Lauper's vocals and relentless beats and 'Song For Yukiko' a jazz piano soundtrack for the movie 'Apocalypse Now'.

All this will make little sense the first time round but Tricky would probably argue it's not meant to. Sometime around your fifth sitting you'll agree with him as you realise this is mood music for every one you're ever likely to have. Great to have him (blow) back.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Excess – Evolution Revolution Love – Over Me – Girls – You Don't Wanna - #1 Da Woman – Your Name - Diss Never (Dig Up We History) – Bury The Evidence – Something In The Way – Five Days – Give It To 'Em – A Song For Yukiko