If you believe in fate, then of course this adaptation of Rhonda Byrne's bestseller The Secret was meant to appear on your radar. Naysayers can move on to whatever's next, equally secure in their knowledge that they won't miss out on anything.

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Katie Holmes plays a widowed mother of three who's trying to make ends meet and find enough pots for a leaky roof. As a storm approaches (eyes down for metaphor bingo), a charismatic stranger (Josh Lucas) arrives in her Louisiana hometown. Sparks - the Nicholas variety - fly as the Law of Attraction does its thing.

Although the aphorism 'Take comfort where you find it' doesn't join so many others in making a cameo here, it's particularly apt for a film that offers people a break from the awfulness of the times that we're in, and is a portal to memories of those TV movies of old. Director Andy Tennant has a fair few of them on his CV and was also behind the lens for Ever After: A Cinderella Story. Anyone who enjoyed that Drew Barrymore-starring fairy tale will find no hardship in the company of Holmes and Lucas - actors deserving of better, but whose very presence adds plenty to the ply of this security blanket. Their co-stars are a likeable bunch - there's even a pony - and the scenes move sweetly along.

The Secret: Dare t o Dream won't feature in any of the best-of polls at the end of the year. Ironically, its message of better things ahead is top of every wish list for 2021.

The Secret: Dare to Dream is on Premium Video on Demand now.