If you fancy a horror film this Halloween that will make you jump a lot and laugh in equal measure, then Countdown is the movie for you.

The premise of the film, and the opening scenes, are weak, but there is something about Countdown that just works the more into it you go and the more you allow yourself to get wrapped up in this utterly ridiculous adventure.

So the plot: a bunch of high school kids at a party download the Countdown app which tells them how much longer they have to live and when one of the party finds out she has only a matter of hours left, things start to get weird and the very real nature of the app is revealed. I was eye-rolling hard at this stage.

Later we meet Quinn (Lail), a nurse who gets caught up in Countdown and then embarks on a mission to try to change her fate and survive the inevitable. This is when the film starts to get creepier.

When Countdown is cheesy, it really leans into it and there are clichés and well-worn tropes galore, but when it's trying to scare and create tension, it excels; there were moments when I was literally watching through my hands.

What I wasn't expecting was the humour - it is laugh-out-loud funny in parts. Aside from the scripted humour, there are other moments when you will laugh at the film itself, but overall I was pleasantly surprised.

You won't be counting down to the end credits; it paces itself well, doesn't overstay its welcome and gets the job done.

Sinead Brennan