Shaun's back in an out of this world adventure.  

A mystery visitor crash lands in Mossingham Forest, and makes her way to Mossy Bottom Farm, where she comes face-to-face with Shaun and the rest of the mischievous flock. 

Shaun, who himself is always pushing boundaries, especially with farm dog Bitzer, meets the intergalactic visitor, an adorable alien called Lu-la.  He then gets a taste of his own medicine as they set off on a mission to help Lu-la get home before the Ministry for Alien Detection capture her. 

Que some alien-powered fun and adventure and get ready for some gigantic-sized burps.  

With nods to ET, Doctor Who, look out for Mugg-1N5, 2001: A Space Odyssey, MiB and many more, this movie will keep ewe and your flock entertained to the end. BAA-rilliant, you herd it here!!! 

Niamh Hogan