There are some moments that work, others that really don't, and a whole lot of unrealised potential in The Day Shall Come.

The film is "based on a hundred true stories" but centres on Moses (Davis), a preacher working in the Miami projects who finds himself embroiled in an FBI plot to turn him into a criminal in a bid to then thwart his crimes and look like the heroes.

The points the film makes are clear, but there is so much clutter that they are never made in as powerful or as effective a way as they should be.

Wonderfully surreal moments are starkly contrasted with strained and un-engaging segments, but the solid performances and occasionally excellent one-liners keep it generally enjoyable despite this.

The heart of the film is in the Miami projects with Moses, his family and followers. The scenes in the FBI headquarters try too hard and fall flat. There's a lot to be said for consistency.

The day is not today.