Anyone who has spent listless hours scrolling through YouTube clips of cats and dogs doing funny stuff may find some laughs from this brisk sequel to the 2016 animated hit.

Louis CK has been replaced in the lead voice role of eager but timid terrier Max by Patton Oswalt and he’s ably supported by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet as his old buddy, Newfoundland mix Duke, and jive-talking rabbit Snowball (Hart), who thinks he’s a superhero.

This time around Max and Duke have to contend with the arrival of their owners’ new baby and a trip to a farm where they encounter Rooster, growlingly voiced by Harrison Ford and who just may be based on Jack Palance’s Curly from City Slickers.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Snowball teams up with kickass Daisy (Tiffany Haddish) to rescue a tiger cub who is being mistreated by a nasty circus owner and in the best and funniest subplot, feisty Pomeranian Gidget goes in search of a missing toy and ends up becoming queen to a nuisance of felines kept by a crazy cat lady.

Three separate stories to keep the kids happy with a lot of fluffy fun. As in real life, the cats are the real villains here and dogs just wanna have fun.

Alan Corr @CorrAlan2