Bad accents, childish pranks, in-jokes: not traditional ingredients for a box office hit but it works. The sequel to 21 Jump Street is yet another hit from writer/star/producer Jonah Hill and co-star Channing Tatum. The bromance is in the air even more than before and that’s the key to success for 22 Jump Street.

The film picks up where the lads left off except they’ve moved across the street after the former Korean owners took the church on 21 back. After the success of their last case, the police department has upped their budget and they get to graduate from high school to college. Their investigation into the death of a student leads them to run the gamut of college life, with Tatum’s Jenko taking the jock route and Schmidt’s (Hill) leaning in a more cultured direction.

Their Captain, aka Ice Cube, really piles the pressure on when the guys cross the line and things get personal. As in the first movie, there are some great cameos with Dave Franco and Rob Riggle back for more, but you’ll also enjoy relatively unknown actress Jillian Bell, who plays Mercedes - don’t worry you won’t forget her. And The Amazing Spiderman’s Amber Stevens proves she is definitely one to watch.

However, it’s the pairing of Hill and Channing that wins time and time again - their differences, physically, emotionally and mentally compliment each other perfectly. Its not what they do together that’s particularly funny, but how they do it and when and why! They’re not the kind of jokes you can (or should) retell; you’ll need to see them for yourself. Hill was involved with the writing and the team have delivered some unforgettable one-liners.

Stupidly funny, 22 Jump Street will be one of the big popcorn box office hits of the summer, plus we get to see it a week before it opens in the States. It’s like a young Old School so . . . New School?

Taragh Loughrey-Grant