Zac Efron, the all singing, all dancing High School Musical star, is on a mission to leave his twinkle toe days behind him, by graduating with frat-house comedy Bad Neighbours, via steamy roles in The Paperboy and That Awkward Moment. Co-star Seth Rogen on the other hand is sticking very much to the same formula, although this time he has switched from playing a young college student pothead, to a young parent pothead, who doesn't want to come to terms with the fact the his partying days are behind him.

Rose Byrne is a comedic revelation. The shock opening scene (a Seth Rogen must) sets the tone – that there is going to be a whole lot of nasty in this movie, that will both shock and, at certain times, have you laughing out loud. It also confirms that Byrne is up for anything to get a laugh, although a rather dodgy breast feeding joke was more gross than humorous.

Thirtysomethings Mac and Kelly are a recently married couple who have just had a baby. They are finding it difficult to cope with domestic life, as it means they have to give up their former care-free partying ways. Their efforts to adopt to family bliss are halted when a college fraternity, led by a rather charming if a little dim Teddy, (Zac Efron) moves in next door. The Radners rock up as soon as the college boys arrive, hoping they can give them a cool first impression, and while it appears to have worked,  it's not long before things turn sour when Kelly and Mac call the cops on Teddy and the gang after a loud, all-night party. Upset that their neighbours have ratted them out Teddy declares a prank war – which quickly escalates and gets majorly out of hand.

The best thing about Bad Neighbours for me was the relationship between Rogen and Byrne's characters who bounce of each other with ease. Watch out for plenty of throwaway one liners that literally have you smirking seconds later while thinking 'did they just say that?'

While this movie won't change your life, it will make you laugh and then you'll forget all about it. 

Suzanne Byrne