When I was young, I thought that every person over 25 must be so smart, and that anyone in middle age or older had to be something of a genius.

Now that my hair’s either grey or gone, I realise that wisdom isn’t something that comes with age and that, quite often, we become older versions of ourselves and the wisdom that seemed inevitable is merely an elusive mirage. And then when you add love into the mix, well, at any age we can all be as clueless as any teenager fumbling through their first crush.

It’s a situation many people face in mid-life after a failed relationship and the search for love is often even more daunting the second time around. You've got scars. Which is where Enough Said comes in.

Certainly, I went in with high expectations. With a cast that includes the late James Gandolfini (in one of his final roles), Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Toni Collette, and Ireland’s own Eve Hewson, this had to be a serious slice of cinema. And so it proved.

Deftly written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, a 50-something steeped in cinema, this is a grown-up film that takes a humorous and irony-free look at mid-life love and immaturity.

Gandolfini gives a charming and quite gentle performance as Albert, a shy and caring divorcee who - like us all - has his little quirks. Louis-Dreyfus is perfectly cast as Eva, a divorced masseuse who walks on mental eggshells as she embarks on a romance with Albert.

In tandem with meeting Albert, Eva befriends Marianne, a somewhat narcissistic poet (played with delightful vigour by Catherine Keener), who becomes increasingly negative as she recalls life with her ex-husband.

The supporting cast is led by Toni Collette - so top marks to young Eve Hewson, daughter of Dublin couple Paul and Ali Hewson, who impresses in lofty company as Albert’s offspring.

The beauty of Enough Said is that it doesn't sell itself cheaply; it’s more subtle than sentimental, feels very realistic and oozes empathy. If you’re under 25 and wonder how you’re likely to end up in a few decades, here you go. And if you’re over 40, check it out so you can have a good laugh at yourself.

Whatever about film of the year, this is certainly the best I've seen in ages. And the next time I go see it I'm bringing the wife.

John Byrne

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