While watching One Direction:This Is Us, it's easy to see why these five annoyingly good-looking guys have a fan base of millions. They come across as genuine, funny and talented young men who thoroughly appreciate every single moment of success – but what else would you expect from a film commissioned by those set to profit for their continued rise into the stratosphere of superstardom?

Directed by Morgan Spurlock – the guy who ate his way through the McDonald’s menu in Supersize Me – the film is part behind the scenes documentary of the band’s world tour and part concert movie complete with 3D special effects to make you feel like you actually bothered forking out the guts of 100 quid for a concert ticket.

As well as giving a look into the crazy professional lives of the boys, This Is Us also gives fans an insight into the home lives of the fivesome – an attempt to make the guys appear ‘normal’ and give adoring Directioners a sense that they are getting closer to their idols.

In fact, this idea of the band just being ‘five ordinary lads with an extraordinary job’ is brought up at almost every opportunity. However, despite scenes featuring emotional parents, backstage jokes and impromptu games of football, Spurlock fails to give us a real, un-edited look into who these lads really are.

In what should have been the most revealing part of the documentary, he follows the boys home on a rare day off where we get to learn a little bit more about what makes them tick yet at no time during these scenes do friends or girlfriends of the guys appear. Surely they are the very people best placed to share with us who Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis are when they’re not being One Direction.

There is no doubt that This Is Us was made purely with fans in mind, from the cheeky shots of the boys without their shirts on to the teen dream-boat that is Harry Styles telling the audience “I want to kiss every single one of you”. This movie is every One Direction fan’s dream and it was almost impossible not to find my 14-year-old inner self being sucked into swooning along with the rest of the teenage audience.

There are probably thousands of potential cinema chaperones across the country quivering in fear at the idea of sitting through 92 minutes of One Direction, but they can all breathe a sigh of relief as this film is actually surprisingly watchable thanks to the high standard of cinematography, quick moving pace and some genuinely funny moments.

Realistically, it doesn’t really matter what any of us grown-up folk think about the film. In all honesty One Direction could have made 92 minutes of them watching paint dry and their legions of fans would have loved it which is exactly why, regardless of star ratings, This Is Us i still going to be one of the biggest box-office hits of all time.

Ruth Aravena

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