What do you get when you lock six actors in a house, with no food, beer or girls, add in the apocalypse taking place outside, with demon creatures flying over head? No, it’s not another hellish take on Celebrity Big Brother, but the latest movie from comedy writing duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Everyone has been willing the comedic Canadian best friends to repeat the success they had with Pineapple Express and Superbad. The Green Hornet did not measure up, nor did The Watch, but, while it may not exactly be smart, This Is The End will have you laughing from start to finish.

Seth Rogen’s best friend Jay Baruchel (all famous faces in this flick play a fictional version of themselves) comes to visit him in Hollywood, and after an afternoon of catching up, the pair head to a party at James Franco’s house. It seems the who’s who in Hollywood is there with everyone from Rihanna to Michael Cera and Emma Watson to Jason Segal enjoying the r-rated frivolities.

Baruchel has no time for the faffing that is going on and heads to the store with Seth for some cigarettes. But their simple shop run soon turns into a living nightmare when blue beams of light appear from the sky and start sucking people up into the clouds. A huge earthquake follows and the lads run for their lives back to the house party.

Chaos and turmoil ensues and many of our favourite celebrities meet their end in some hilarious and highly unorthodox ways – Michael Cera’s being particularly gruesome.

Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride are the only survivors along with Franco, Rogen and Baruchel and they barricade themselves inside the house. As they wait to be rescued – ‘we’re actors, we’ll be rescued first’ - girlish screaming, desperate man-hugging and brilliant, laugh-out-loud hilarity ensues. These guys have no problem in sending themselves up with Franco and McBride being the most merciless and in turn the funniest in the group.

It may be their directorial debut but Rogen and Goldberg impress, not only with getting a fantastic performance out of every single person who appears in the movie, but also with their visual style. The majority of the movie may take place in Franco’s house, but they have successfully mastered the space and thoughtful made the film seem much bigger than it actually is. And both the post-apocalyptic landscape and the demons that lurk in the shadows are impressively created with CGI.

This Is The End is definitely not a film for the prudish, its foul-script and squeamish stunts are crude and sometimes boarder on being inappropriate. If you can get past that, one thing is for sure, you will laugh a lot, but at times you will you also sigh and cringe behind your hands.

Bonus if you are a Pineapple Express fan, there is a montage-style sequence where the cooped up actors make a sequel, which Rogen and Goldberg said is based on how their thoughts for an actual sequel.

Suzanne Byrne

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