When you go to see a comedy film you expect a few laughs; even if the film is not for you or a screening for critics, usually you'll hear at least one or two people in the cinema enjoying themselves. With The Three Stooges however this was not the case and for the entire film there was silence among the reviewers. Not a good sign, but then again this kind of slapstick comedy isn't for everyone.

The film is broken up into three acts and each is introduced in a similar way to the original Stooges shorts. Act 1: More Orphan Than Not sees Larry (Hayes), Curly (Sasso) and Moe (Diamantopoulos) left on the doorstep of an orphanage where they wreak havoc into adulthood. When the orphanage must raise money to stay open, the boys are let loose on the world to try to drum up enough cash to save the only place they have ever called home.

Act 2: The Banana's Split has the trio embroiled in a major drama about a wife trying to get her husband killed so she can run away with his money and best friend. The Stooges have a falling out and Moe goes off into the world on his own. The final act, No Moe Mister Nice Guy, sees them reunite and ties up all of the loose ends.

While the overall film was awful and failed to make me laugh once, I must commend the performances given by Hayes, Sasso and Diamantopoulos. While they didn't have the material to work with, they played their characters very well and were respectful to one of the world's most renowned comedy acts. From their voices to their facial expressions and mannerisms they became the original trio and I think longtime fans will enjoy watching them perform.

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family's Gloria), Jane Lynch (Glee's Sue Sylvester) and the cast of Jersey Shore all appear and while they do not save the film, without them I don't know if I would have been able to stay for the entire duration. The scenes with the Stooges became painfully repetitive; there is only so much I can take of people poking each other in the eyes and pinching each other's noses.

If you're not a fan of the original Three Stooges and slapstick comedy isn't really your thing, avoid at all costs. If you are a fan, give it a go, I can only hope you enjoy it more than I did.

Sinéad Brennan