Inspired by the New York Times bestseller of the same name and directed by Kirk Jones (Waking Ned, Nanny McPhee), What to Expect When You're Expecting explores the lives of five inter-connected couples, all of whom are experiencing the ups and downs of impending parenthood – from planned to unplanned to adoption.

Children's author Wendy (Banks) and her husband Gary (Falcone) have not had any success in their quest to start a family - Wendy even has an app which lets her know when she is ovulating. Finally, when Wendy and Gary stop trying after two years, it happens.

The pregnancy, however, is all but pleasant and Wendy and Gary must also deal with the news that Gary's father Ramsey (Quaid) and his trophy wife Skyler (Decker) are expecting twins.

Then there's the "dude group" (headed up by a true-to-form Rock), who gives nervous father-to-be Alex (Santoro) some words of wisdom to help him prepare for a baby, which his wife Holly (Lopez) is desperate for but unable to have. Theirs is one of the more touching storylines in the film, as we follow them through the adoption process to Ethiopia.

The issue of unplanned pregnancy is played out through two couples. Jules (Diaz), a celebrity fitness instructor, and Evan (Morrison), a dancer, are former contestants on Celebrity Dance Factor - ironically judged by none other than failed X-Factor USA judge Cheryl Cole.

The other couple is young Rosie (Kendrick) and Marco (Crawford), both of whom run competing food trucks. After a one-night stand, their ultimate fear is realised and despite wishing for a different situation, they start to take responsibility.

With such a strong cast, What to Expect When You're Expecting should be hilarious; instead it's a predictable romantic comedy with some dramatic scenes. While Banks' portrayal of pregnancy as not being all about the "glow" - but rather a miserable, uncomfortable, hormonal and at times embarrassing experience - does provide some fun, there aren't any real belly laughs, and the best moments here involve Rock's gang.

Don't expect too much.

Nicky O'Flanagan