Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum aren’t two names that you would put together often. She’s known for her perfect mix of wit, grace and cutesy girl-next-door charm. She’s even better known as the actress that made the world shed buckets of tears with her heart-wrenching performance in the Notebook – a role that catapulted her from relative obscurity to the dizzy heights of Hollywood.

Channing Tatum is on the other side of the spectrum – a relatively new name to the movie business, his rock-hard physique, modelling portfolio and previous life as a stripper have landed him more roles with his top off than on.

This year however he is hoping to change that stereotype with no fewer than five movies coming out and an impressive producer and writer credit on some of them.

The first of these is The Vow, which sees him team up with McAdams in a lost love tear-jerker. It's based on a true story about a newlywed, Paige (McAdams), who loses her short-term memory after a car accident and has to learn to fall in love with her husband Leo (Tatum) all over again as she reverts to her pre-Leo life as the prim and proper law student daughter of a wealthy couple (Jessica Lange, Sam Neill).

Unfortunately, most of the movie focuses on Leo's much less challenging point of view as the hurt and forgotten lover rather than McAdams', who as the character of Paige moves through her post-amnesia scenes with a plausible mix of good humour and wariness. Either before or after the accident the characters are never given any discernible personalities and you find yourself insulted by this lazy, love-conquers-all movie.

It was always going to be difficult to capture that lightning in a bottle magic that McAdams had with her Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling and perhaps that's what she was trying to do. Unfortunately, The Vow doesn’t quite warrant a full box of tissues - or maybe even one - but we're sure it will pull-in a few loved-up couples over Valentine's Day.

Janice Butler