An adult comedy version of that tried and tested body-swapping formula, The Change-Up stars Jason Bateman as workaholic lawyer/family-man Dave and Ryan Reynolds as Dave’s playboy, unreliable friend Mitch.

One night, after a few too many, Dave admits he's secretly jealous of Mitch's reckless and irresponsible life and Mitch reveals he wishes his life was more like his friend's. With the mutual envy society well and truly established the pair wake up the next morning having swopped bodies after a drunken urination in a public fountain.

So for the rest of the movie, Dave becomes Mitch and Mitch becomes Dave - confused yet! Suffering the consequences the two have to work together to try and keep their normal lives afloat, despite neither really having the constitution or patience to do so.

And so madness ensues – from the writers of The Hangover and directed by David Dobkin who brought us Wedding Crashes, this trading lives comedy is mildly funny, foul and crude – everything you would expect from the type of 16-rated (or R rated as our American friends call it) comedies that have been emerging from Hollywood in the last few years.

There's a charismatic cast here for sure, including not just Bateman and Reynolds, but also from supporting actors - Leslie Mann as Dave's under-appreciated wife Jamie, Olivia Wilde as Sabrina, the smoking-hot associate in Dave's office that Mitch has his eye on and not to forget some very cute hell-raising baby twins.

That said the problem with this comedy is it’s trying too hard, trying to be outrageous, trying to be shocking, trying to be The Hangover. Bateman and Reynolds definitely make The Change-Up seem a lot better than it is and the best parts of the movie are actually at the start before they switch bodies, which is all of fifteen minutes.

In the end, we all know the drill: eventually the men must decide if their real lives are better. Not awful, but not split-your-side funny either, The Change-Up would probably make for a better rental than anything else.

Janice Butler