The Devil's Double tells the true story of Latif Yahia, an Iraqi army lieutenant drafted in by Saddam Hussein's eldest son, Uday, to be his body double.

Set in war-torn Iraq in the late Eighties, the story follows Latif as he is forced to undergo physical and mental transformation to become Uday's 'twin'.

After witnessing the evil and complete disregard for human life in Uday's eyes, Latif later escapes to Malta where he orchestrates a plan to get revenge.

Dominic Cooper puts in a great Jekyll and Hyde performance as both Latif and Uday in this thriller, albeit with slightly erratic accents. We feel complete disdain towards cold-blooded, psychotic Uday, and pangs of sympathy for the unsuspecting and honourable Latif. Cooper brings much-needed energy and passion to both characters and carries the film - the supporting cast is minimal.

The Devil's Double is slick and elegantly put together, with rich landscapes and luxurious palaces and props. Tamahori (xXx, Die Another Day) shows his keen eye for action and ticks the checklist for many boys - fast cars, women and guns.

On a slightly sour note, the movie doesn't quite come full circle. It would have been far more interesting, in a 007-like fashion, to see more of Latif's revenge plan, rather than sit though filler scenes in Baghdad nightclubs.

That aside The Devil's Double has something for everyone: thrills and deceit, an unusual plot and Cooper as eye candy.

Patrick Hanlon