'X-Men: First Class' takes us right back, before mutants fought man, before Magneto was a menace. In a way, it’s like 'Wicked' is to 'Oz', and 'Begins' is to 'Batman' - it tells the forgotten tale we all want to know.

By going right back to basics, 'First Class' not only finds interesting things to say, but also might just make you believe in origin stories all over again. And with Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) in the lead roles, Matthew Vaughn manages to breathe fresh air into a franchise that was losing its mojo.

Michael Fassbender emerges from this one a movie star, no doubt about it. He's great as Erik (pre-Magneto) and nearly looks like he’s on the set of a Bond movie (future role perhaps?).

Okay, on to the negatives – January Jones as Emma Frost is lifeless, stiff and oozes as much sex appeal as the Magneto helmet. Her ‘60s wardrobe is more suited to a scene from 'Austin Powers', and her ridiculous padded bra leaves you wondering why they didn’t just cast 'Mad Men' co-star Christina Hendricks in the role.

That said, the other young supporting cast members, including Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence and Zoe Kravitz, bring an element of youth that’s bound to draw the teens.

Big and bold - 'X-Men: First Class' is definitely a must-watch summer movie!

Janice Butler