The story of when posh and privileged meets penniless, 'Chalet Girl' is about breaking the rules, learning to grow up and falling in love.

Kim (Jones) is fed up with working at the local burger shop by day and looking after her lonely widowed dad (Bailey) by night. The bills are stacking up and she's disillusioned with her life, feeling a little bit too young to be playing housewife. So when the opportunity to earn some extra cash, as a chalet girl in Austria, arrives she feels that she has to spread her wings and give it a go (but not before cooking enough food to last her father several months!).

Being a chalet girl sounds like being a glorified waitress in a snowy climate - and it is. But Kim inhabits a very different world to that of the chalet-owning family, with their charmed existence of holiday homes and champagne. Fellow chalet girl Georgie (Egerton) isn't behind the door about letting the new arrival know her place in the pecking order either.

Waiting on Richard (Nighy) and Caroline (Shields) and their children and various guests proves to be pretty easy for Kim, who is a bit of a domestic goddess, despite her slightly clumsy streak. And with their son Jonny (Westwick) as eye candy, the season rolls by pretty quickly and painlessly. Since Kim's main aim is to make money while in Austria, she decides to try her hand at a snowboarding competition, not realising that she is about to stir up some pretty painful memories from her past.

Teenage viewers will gobble this up. It's a cute coming-of-age movie, complete with the slightly awkward, not-so-glamorous girl and the out-of-her-league rich boy, who secretly has a soft heart, in spite of all the big talk (spot Chuck Bass from 'Gossip Girl' anyone?). Jones is charming in the lead role, bringing a cheeky sense of fun to the character, while Westwick does what he does best here, as the charming rogue. Completing the ensemble, Nighy and Shields are also wonderfully cast as the parents with notions.

Linda McGee