Take a girl who doesn't do clingy and a broken-hearted boy who is ready to fall in love. Let them tell themselves that what they have going on is strictly 'no strings attached' and wait for disaster to strike. Basically, that's the premise of this rom-com, with plenty of pretty faces, a few glimpses of originality and a good splash of predictability.

Emma (Portman) is a doctor with issues. She doesn't do affection and she claims she's not very good at relationships. Adam (Kutcher) is a face from her past who keeps cropping up wherever she goes. He says he's happy with their 'friends-with-benefits' status but secretly he almost bursts with jealously every time he sees her talking to another man. And with a lot of hot doctors wandering around the hospital corridors with Emma every day he's finding it hard to contain his feelings.

Adam's problems don't end there, however. His celebrity father (Kline) is now dating his ex-girlfriend (Lovibond). Nobody at the television studio where he works wants to take him seriously as a writer. He also says the wrong things, frequently acts inappropriately with the ladies and tries far too hard. But it's this lack of appreciation for social convention that makes him all the more endearing to the opposite sex... well, everyone bar Emma that is.

Portman and Kutcher are cuter and more compatible as a leading pair than you would expect. And the reversal of gender stereotypes suits the dynamic of their partnership. The gags aren't side-splitting, nor is the script overly clever, but the journey is a painless enough one if you don't mind that predictable happy ending staring at you from a mile off.

Linda McGee