Accompanied by the rather terrifying tagline of "What doesn't kill you… is going to marry your brother", 'You Again' explores what happens when an old high school rival worms their way back into your life. Faced with that terrorising image, director Andy Fickman manages to pack as many canned laughter moments and cringeworthy cameos as possible into this film, making for yet another substandard Kristen Bell vehicle.

Bell bounces onto the screen as the blonde-haired Marni. Embarking on a highly successful PR career after school, Marni has left her geeky image behind in favour of a sleek, sizzling one, although she's still as awkward and clumsy as ever.

When her quiet brother Will's (Wolk) wedding comes around, it's time for Marni to finally return home and face her past. Little does she know that her brother's fiancée is actually Joanna (Yustman), her old high school bully, who has Marni's family convinced that she's the perfect saint.

When the bride's high flying aunt Ramona (Weaver) arrives, it's an incredible coincidence that Marni's mother (Lee Curtis) comes face to face with her high school arch nemesis as well. Will the rivalries last forever and will the wedding ever happen?

When will Kristen Bell learn that she's not cut out for the leading role in a chick flick/comedy? As if 'When in Rome' wasn't bad enough, she also fails to be the least bit humorous in her latest endeavour. Maybe she should just stick to the small screen from now on. The last thing she wants is to be typecast alongside the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl in yet another bottom of the barrel bomb.

With such an appealing female cast, 'You Again' had so much potential. Unfortunately it's the lacklustre, kiddish script that lets their performances down. It's time Hollywood was told that throwing someone in a pool, or a provocative musical number just aren't funny. Joanna's unlikely ex-fiancée Tim (Bornheimer) is the only one with any comedic presence, and he only gets about 15 minutes of screen time.

Betty White seems to have been told to just act like a senile pensioner to (fingers crossed) raise a few chuckles. Maybe if you find sleeping dogs, or high pitched cat videos funny on YouTube, you'll be entertained, but for the rest of us, we've seen this a million times before. Next.

'You Again' is like a very inferior adaptation of 'Mean Girls' meets a teenager's version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' - only there's no Julia Roberts or Rachel McAdams among this lot.

A disappointing comedy, which is only made slightly bearable by the input of old Hollywood veterans Lee Cutis and Weaver. Oh Kristen Bell, not you again.

Sarah Carty