Ever since his now infamous leap of love off Oprah's couch, it has been pretty hard to take Tom Cruise seriously, let alone watch any of his films without cringing. How could the heartthrob who starred in such greats as 'Top Gun' and 'Jerry Maguire' be reduced to such a mumbling, crazy fool? In what some might say is a desperate bid to regain whatever credibility he has left, Cruise teams up with James Mangold, the man who brought us Oscar winner 'Walk the Line', in hot action flick 'Knight and Day'.

With a stash load of car parts in her carrier bag and her sister's wedding to get to, getting caught up with an international spy is the last thing June Havens (Diaz) would have expected. When Roy Miller (Cruise) bumps into June at the airport, her seemingly easy flight and normal life turn into a nightmare of epic proportions, ending with a plane full of bodies and a quick getaway landing.

Now she has to embark on a race around the world with Miller to protect young scientist Simon Feck's (Dano) dangerous battery source, the Zephyr, from Miller's former partner. All June has to do is decide who she can trust: the FBI or a crazy, lone agent.

'Knight and Day' won't blow your mind. In fact in won't involve you using you brain at all. Marketed as a summer action adventure, it has no real depth to it, but is perfect for sitting back and gorging on some popcorn. In typical Cruise style, he casually lifts up his top to show off his toned torso, and even manages to get Diaz in a skimpy bikini.

Some scenes are incredibly fake-looking and almost laughable (e.g. the set piece where they are being chased by bulls). However, the entertainment comes from watching the developing relationship between Diaz's June and Cruise's Miller. The pair have reprised their 'Vanilla Sky' chemistry, adding a dab of humour to the new characters.

In saying that, Diaz manages to make June somewhat irritable. Her constant need to be the goofy comedian is getting a bit dated and she is beginning to add a ditsy side to every character she plays ('My Best Friend's Wedding', 'There's Something About Mary'). And while Cruise manages to raise a few laughs and gasps, he's far from his 'Mission: Impossible' days.

If it's a hearty dose of romance and action you're after, this is for you. If you're looking for a strong storyline, maybe stick to more intricate films such as 'Inception'.

Sarah Carty

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