It's rare these days when a comedy actually makes you laugh out loud. Sometimes it's the genius one-liners that do it. Sometimes it's a story so bizarre that you can't help but chuckle. And sometimes it's a unique character that manages to tickle your funny bone, often in spite of yourself. Aldous Snow (Brand) is that character.

Fans of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' will remember bad-boy rocker Snow as the love interest of leading lady Sarah (Bell) and sworn-enemy of the unlucky-in-love Peter (Segel, who also wrote the script for the movie). Since then Snow has been crying out for top billing and this spin-off is just the ticket.

We hook up with Aldous Snow during a dip in his career. His most recent album has been a critical flop and his relationship with popstar Jackie Q (Byrne) has ended in tears, although neither of them are sober enough to know who is shedding them. But it would seem that Aldous has a guardian angel watching out for him and so things look likely to change for the better when record label junior Aaron Green (Hill) suggests to his boss Sergio (Diddy) that an anniversary concert might be just the trick to revive the floundering star's career.

There are a few problems with this suggestion, however, namely keeping Snow clean and sober and getting him from London to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in one-piece, and on time, for the comeback show. It's Aaron's big chance to impress when he is sent to pick up Snow but he is aware that he is way out of his depth as soon as he touches down in London. It's a fact that Snow is also aware of.

So a few visits to strip clubs and missed plane trips later, Aldous and Aaron are becoming firm frenemies, making comical stop-offs to visit the rocker's dad (Meaney), his ex Jackie Q and son Naples (Facioli) and 'The Today Show', where the staff get a little more than they bargained for.

'Get Him to the Greek' displays wicked humour and great scripting. What's more, it adds to the irrepressible Russell Brand's credentials as a comedian with a real talent for turning his hand to anything. Snow is the kind of character that has real magnetism. You should hate his arrogant self-importance but it's virtually impossible to resist his charms. Jonah Hill is endearing as the geeky, goody-two-shoes led astray, but is often overshadowed by the boldness of Brand's character. Rapper and music producer Diddy is also priceless in his cameo role, delivering some great lines during his all-too-brief appearances. On the fringes, Rose Byrne, Colm Meaney and Elisabeth Moss impress in their respective roles as pop star, rock star's begrudging father and on-off girlfriend.

This is pure summer fun. Embrace it!

Linda McGee

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