Gags aplenty, some great acting talent on offer and yet 'Cop Out' strikes a very weird balance before tipping the scales in favour of utterly daft.

Veteran cop Jimmy Monroe (Willis) is trying to save money for his daughter Ava's (Trachtenberg) wedding so that her smug new stepfather Roy (Lee) can't take all the credit for her big day. But his cause isn't helped when he and his partner Paul Hodges (Morgan) are suspended from the force for messing up a major investigation. Matters get worse when Jimmy's very valuable baseball card, which was intended to raise cash for the wedding, is stolen by petty criminal Dave (Scott). Not only that, but, along the way, Jimmy and Paul have managed to tick off one of the big drug dealers in town, who has now ended up with the card in his possession.

So the hapless pair decide to set about retrieving the card from a gang of very dangerous criminals, who assassinate people for fun. There are shoot-outs, moments lost in translation and everything from nanny-cams to cheating wives (you can't say they didn't pull out all the stops anyway!).

The main problem with 'Cop Out' is that it really doesn't know what it is. The gags are thick and fast, if too silly for comfort, but cold executions are also randomly placed throughout the movie, making for an odd mix. Willis and Morgan are funny as the ridiculous double-act at the centre of the story (out of shame, you'll try to stop yourself from laughing because it's all so silly and over-the-top but you won't be able to help yourself). Seann William Scott also makes a great cameo as a touchy-feely thief with jokes always at the ready.

'Cop Out' will pass a couple of hours if you've nothing better to do but if you saw the trailer and thought, 'Nice one, Bruce Willis in a long-overdue cop/buddy movie' then be warned... This ain't no 'Die Hard'.

Linda McGee

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