Think of every cliché that you've ever heard about Ireland, every misused stereotype, every crazy myth or far-fetched tale... Chances are they'll be cropping up here at some stage.

Anna from Boston (Adams) has a life-plan and getting married is part of it. There's just one little problem: her boyfriend Jeremy (Scott) has no intention of popping the question. He knows the value of diamonds in a girl's life, just not the kind she's looking for. So, with some planning from her father (Lithgow), Anna decides that it's about time to take matters into her own hands. She decides to take a trip to Ireland, where her boyfriend is attending a conference, because there she can propose to him, in keeping with the age-old leap year tradition in Ireland (??!).

But getting to Dublin proves troublesome for Anna. First there's the weather to contend with, then there's a dark-ages public transport system (you know, where trains don't run on a Sunday, heavens no!)... So, a trawler and a few beaten-up cars later, she's seen most of Ireland, in her quest to make it to Dublin before 29 February. But it's not a solo trip.

After arriving in Dingle, quite accidentally, Anna enlists the help of local Declan (Goode) in making the journey across the country. Cue plenty more clichés and over-the-top 'plot' twists - we're talking cows blocking the road, designer heels getting destroyed with muck, mobile phone chargers taking down the power supply of a whole village and having to drive half-way across the country to do your weekly grocery shopping (ah yes, it's all that backward). There are plenty more ridiculous 'twists' here but to reveal too many more would only spoil the 'fun' of the unintentional comedy on offer!

Amy Adams is fine as the ditsy tourist on a mission but she's far better than anything this script has to offer her. Matthew Goode, however, must hold his hands up here for a major crime against Irish accents... Throw in a few daft 'Oirish' phrases and you're on the road... Well, if they haven't taken the roads in because of the bad weather, that is!

If you're patriotic and easily-offended, then avoid at all costs. But if you're stuck for a laugh then this could do the trick. So bad it's almost good - but only almost.

Linda McGee