Side-stepping the usual rom-com formula of pretty young things in love, 'It's Complicated' offers a different twist on relationship woes, proving that maturity of years doesn't have to mean that it's all about common sense and learning from your mistakes.

Outwardly, Jane (Streep) and Jake (Baldwin) seem to have it all figured out. They've been divorced for 10 years and appear to have learned how to be cordial in public for the sake of their children, even if the sight of Jake flaunting his much-younger bride greatly disturbs Jane. There's lots of biting tongues and zipping lips and so, to the world, they are the perfect exes, moving on with their lives. Even their three children seem pretty pleased with the arrangement.

But life is never that simple. And it turns out that a no-show wife, a few bottles of wine and a couple of twirls around the dancefloor were all it would take to make them remember why they got together in the first place. Trouble is Jake and Jane aren't free agents anymore. Jake is married to Agness (Bell), who thinks they're trying for a baby, and Jane has her eye on architect Adam (Martin), who is designing the house of her dreams. And then there are the children to consider. How wrong would Lauren (Fitzgerald), Gabby (Kazan) and Luke (Parrish) think it is for their mother and father to be having an affair 10 years after they split up? And with numerous family occasions on the horizon, the secret is getting more and more difficult to keep.

Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are perfectly cast as the couple who love to hate each other but then can't help liking each other when it comes down to it. They both embrace their flawed characters, who have each seen better days. Streep brings to life a giddy mother who is ready to leap at the chance to act like a teenager, while Baldwin's cheating husband is a man with too many regrets about his actions, desperate for a second shot to put things right. Interestingly, both are far better in their combined appearances, sparking off each other, than they are going solo in this project.

But the star of this comedy show is 'The Office's John Krasinski, who plays their future-son-in-law Harley. If there's such a thing as having a 'face for comedy' then he has one - in the kindest sense strictly. Krasinski has great lines to work with but he also has amazing timing and expressions that will have you roaring with laughter.

Brilliant gags, a great cast and some hilarious scenes (involving webcams, getting stoned and getting caught!), 'It's Complicated' is one to lift the spirits.

Linda McGee