Writer-director Duncan Jones revives the sci-fi thriller with this compelling story of an unconventional astronaut who grows increasingly restless as he struggles to complete his assigned mission. What makes 'Moon' stand out is a welcome lack of high end special effects, making it accessible to more than just the average sci-fi fan.

Jones catapults us onto the moon where we encounter researcher Sam Bell (Rockwell), living on a base with only a robot, GERTY (voiced by Spacey), for company. Bell's three-year isolation has begun to take its toll as he faces teasing hallucinations, visions and dreams of the past. His solace is that he will soon return to his wife (Irish actress McElligott) and daughter (Scodelario) on earth. But as he counts down the days, things take a turn for the worst.

Waking up in the infirmary after a routine mission, the shrewd Bell is disorientated and suffering from partial memory loss. His senses tell him that he is no longer alone on the lunar base, and his irrational behaviour soon leads to a shocking discovery.

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Rockwell, whose recent notable credits include 'Frost/Nixon' and 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford', gives a captivating performance as the charming and eccentric Bell. Onscreen alone for almost 90 minutes, he once again shows his versatility as an actor and hooks you with his every move as the extraordinary Bell.

'Moon' is an intriguing movie of depth and intensity. In this season of blockbuster releases, it's the understated sci-fi of the summer. If you are looking for a film with a twist, I advise 'Moon'-walking all the way to the cinema.

Jenny Conlon