We've heard so much about it, there's no point beating around the bush (no pun intended - Samantha dishes enough of those 'colour'ful gems) or trying to come up with some clever, quirky Carrie-ism. Here are the answers to what many 'SATC' fans want to know: Is it an extended version of the show? Pretty much. Is it good? Very. Stylish, sassy, soppy and sexy, it's all there. If you've seen all the trailers have you seen all the film? No. Does someone die? C'mon now, you don't really want me to give it all away.

'Sex and the City: The Movie' - does it really matter what movie critics have to say? 'SATC' fans are so loyal that they're going to queue up to see the film time and time again and then once more when it's released on DVD.

The film picks up three years after the 2004 series left off: Carrie (Parker) is apartment-hunting with Big aka John James Preston (Noth); Charlotte(Davis) and Harry (Handler) are parents to adopted Lily plus Elizabeth Taylor and her offspring; Samantha (Cattrall) and Smith (Lewis) are LA'ing it in Hollywood and Brooklyn-bound Miranda (Nixon) and Steve (Eigenberg) are still doing their 'Brady Bunch' thing. Also making a welcome return are the remaining regulars, fabulous New York, fashion, pads, parties and even more fabulous dialogue. This time around it’s the guys who call the shots, lead by Big popping the big question, leaving the girls in a tail spin for 148 minutes.

Despite the drama, emotion, unpredictable twists and high flying lifestyles on offer, it's not all fabulous. There are more holes here than Samantha's had lovers. Okay, not so much, but a couple of whoppers nonetheless. Unlike the TV show, where Carrie's article focused each episode around a relationship clanger, there are no such questions on offer and no such focus.

As per usual there is an inordinate, unrealistic amount of time spent on looking good but we knew and accepted that already - 'Prime Time' it ain't. However, in the film version, the flighty flaws are even more evident.

For example married Miranda, juggling her busy work and home lives, is faced with a tough dilemma and is given very little support from her best buds, which is a frustrating step too far. Carrie has previously been accused of heading out of Manhattan and veering into selfish town on more than one occasion. She makes a return to this unpopular resort on a number of occasions in 'The Movie' in a speedy carriage of melodrama.

Some of the worst and best scenes involve some OTT action from Charlotte, both involving Carrie and something 'big'. 'Dreamgirls' Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson adds some warmth as Carrie's assistant. Stanford (Garson) makes all too brief cameos but our other GBF Anthony (Cantone) is back with great one-liners. Pushing Carrie's Vivienne Westwood dress into the limo he blurts out: "It's like pushing a cream puff through a keyhole".

Still the best that director King and co have to offer goes to Samantha. When asked how she felt when Carrie asked her to be Maid of Honour: "The same way you feel about botox: painful and unnecessary."

Carrie may need glasses, Samantha may be knocking on the door of 50 but these gals are still looking pretty hot. In fact Cattrall, and surprisingly Nixon too, look so good they're becoming less of an inspiration and more of an unachievable goal!

The big question though has to be could 'The Movie' stand alone as a movie? Not so much. Who am I kidding, who cares? Certainly not the filmmakers, judging by box office predictions.

The film ends on yet another of Carrie's cheesy yet adorable lines summing up the four girls: "Dressed head to toe in love... the one label that never goes out of style." For all the faffing around in beautiful clothes, this line sums up why SATC and 'The Movie' hit the spot: they do friendship, love, sex and women like no one else.

Taragh Loughrey-Grant

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