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Need to gain a better understanding of how petty the opposite sex can be? Want some light relief from your own romantic woes? Step right up for a night of fun in Vegas, followed by the moment that reality bites... and the struggle of the six months afterwards.

Could this be the perfect romantic comedy coupling? Perhaps. Funnyman Ashton Kutcher and cutesy girl-next-door Cameron Diaz look great as a couple (at least in the eyes of the law) here. Together they bring us the right amount of silly gags, predictable storylines and slushy romance.

Joy (Diaz) has just been very publicly dumped by her fiancé Mason (Sudeikis). Jack (Kutcher) has just been fired from his father's business. Both decide, independently, that a trip to Las Vegas is in order. Joy enlists the company of her best friend Tipper (Bell), while Jack takes his mate Hater (Corddry) along for the ride. A double-booking at a hotel leads to all kinds of chaos (you know the usual high jinks). So, before you know it, everyone has bonded over alcoholic beverages despite the fact that they hated each other while sober (you know that happens too).

And when in Vegas... you must get married. So Joy and Jack feel obliged to take a drunken walk down the aisle in a tacky chapel, only to wake up the next morning sporting fake tattoos and vending machine wedding rings (nice!). But their plans for a speedy annulment are scuppered when they hit the jackpot on the slots. It was her coin but he pulled the lever. Technically they both have a claim on the $3m fortune but they can't get a divorce that will grant them half and half until they prove that they have really tried to make their marriage work, as opposed to getting hitched without any knowledge of the event (some judges!). Do they want to make the marriage work? No. Do they want the money? Very much.

So they must live as husband and wife, in his dingy apartment, for six months in order to lay equal claim to the money. Cue all sorts of stunts to drive the other to distraction and hopefully oust them from the deal. There's a little marriage counselling from Dr Twitchell (Queen Latifah) thrown into the mix too, as well as the return of Joy's prim-and-proper ex-fiancé.

'What Happens in Vegas' is light-hearted banter that should keep you smirking and giggling for its duration. Both Diaz and Kutcher carry their roles well and there's a definite chemistry between them on-screen, making the movie flow nicely.

Linda McGee