If you've heard a promo that boldly announces 'From the makers of 'There's Something About Mary'' and thought 'that can't be bad', then think again. 'The Heartbreak Kid' boasts the Farrelly brothers at the helm and comic genius Ben Stiller in front of camera and yet still manages to get it all wrong.

Eddie Cantrow (Stiller) is a commitment-phobe, who takes relationship advice from his elderly but socially-active father (Stiller Snr). All of Eddie's friends are married, his exes have started inviting him to their weddings and he suddenly begins to realise that he might have missed the boat. Enter Lila (Akerman) - incredibly beautiful and surprisingly interested in him. Eddie thinks all his Christmases have come at once and vows not to mess up, impetuously proposing to his new love after a whirlwind romance.

Everything feels great until their honeymoon road-trip alerts Eddie to Lila's most annoying mannerisms, which serve to grate on his nerves more and more as the holiday continues. But then Eddie meets Miranda (Monaghan), the woman he should have met a week earlier, before he walked down the aisle. She is perfect in every way, really understands him and seems unfazed by the fact that he is married. But things are rarely as they seem in such a sub-standard comedy and all kinds of fireworks kick off when Miranda's overprotective family jump in to save her from a broken heart. Special mention must go to cousin Martin, played by Danny R McBride, whose angry character provided the only decent laughs of the movie

Lacklustre and uneventful, 'The Heartbreak Kid' offers little in terms of comic relief. It feels like everyone is going through the motions here. The jokes are thin on the ground and are very unlikely to induce fits of giggles when they do make sporadic appearances.

Overall 'The Heartbreak Kid' is a dismal affair. You would expect a lot more from all of those involved in the film, which makes it all the more disappointing.

Linda McGee