The Russo brothers (who directed several episodes of the television series 'Arrested Development') seem to have bitten off more than they can chew here with 'You, Me and Dupree', failing to secure the right balance of comedy and believability and ending up with a movie that struggles to bag its laughs.

Take one newly-wed, blissfully happy couple, Molly (Hudson) and Carl (Dillon). Add Carl's immature best friend Dupree (Wilson) to the living arrangements and you've got chaos. Not of the 'scream-a-minute, how do they do it?' variety, more the very silly kind.

Molly reluctantly agrees to Dupree as their house guest after Carl begs her to take pity on him, but one flooded bathroom and a burnt-out living room later it's not looking like such a good plan. And Carl is already stressed out by Molly's father, and his boss, Mr Thompson (Douglas), continually trying to undermine him and insult him, most amusingly by asking him to have a vasectomy.

This one ambles from one lame gag to the next, as the oh-so-predictable storyline plays out, complete with a falling out, a love chase, some random physical violence and lots of making up - nothing you haven't seen hundreds of times before.

The beautiful Kate Hudson, as ever, plays sickly sweet to perfection, nailing all the qualities of an irritating Little Miss Perfect school teacher who likes her rules. Matt Dillon, as the stressed-out executive, holds his own, while Owen Wilson once more plays the fool like only he can. It is Michael Douglas though who steals the show, as the over-powering, ever-smirking father-in-law who relishes his power.

'You, Me and Dupree' is silly fun at best. If you really have nothing to do for the day, then waste an hour-and-a-half of your life at will. But if your idea is to book a cinema trip into your hectic life by way of a treat, then give it a wide berth. All too predictable throughout and not that funny for all its hype.

Linda McGee