Films are rarely as boring and clichéd as 'Imagine Me & You' and for that we should be grateful. Mundane, ordinary, everyday life is much more exciting than anything that happens in this pathetic excuse for a rom-com.

If it's possible to only hit all of the wrong notes in a film that boasts a decent cast, then 'Imagine Me & You' does just that. Unimaginative, dull and so predictable, it'll have you pulling your hair out and most likely wanting to tune out after the first 10 minutes.

Rachel (Perabo) and Heck (Goode) are love's young dream - they've been together for years; they finish each other's sentences; and they seemingly want the same things out of their comfortable upper middle-class life. But a chance glance in the wrong direction is about to change all that, when Rachel catches the eye of florist Luce (Headey) as she walks up the aisle to meet an unsuspecting Heck.

What follows is an awkward telling of what presumably was supposed to be a love story, as Rachel falls for Luce, despite being married to Heck, whom she still loves very much. From here on in, it all turns pear-shaped as the story unfolds in a clumsy and banal manner, towards its over-the-top, happy-ever-after ending.

If there is a good point, it is the performance of former 'Buffy' star Anthony Head, who steals the show as Rachel's tattered, world-weary father, who says exactly what he's thinking - providing the only comic relief in an otherwise flat film, where none of the one-liners seem quite as funny as they were presumably intended to be.

'Imagine Me & You'... Or instead imagine a really predictable film and then you won't have to bother going to see this one.

Linda McGee