The latest offering from Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company is a witless nerd fest which makes the recent 'Kicking and Screaming' look like Oscar material.

Packed with weak gags revolving around vomiting, farting, gay jokes and objects thrown at groins, the story tells of three grown men who decide to take on a bullying Little League baseball team.

Semi-normal Gus the gardener (Schneider) and once-bullied, full-time nerd paperboy Clark (Heder) and video shop assistant Richie (Spade) form their own team which attracts all the geeky local kids normally relegated to bench status.

Versatile comedic actor Jon Lovitz ups the standard fractionally playing rich ex-nerd Mel who puts up a billion to build a stadium for the winners – "If you build it, nerds will come" - in the hope of getting his son off that bench and into the game.

The witless plot takes a shuddersome turn involving a bullied dwarf fresh out of a psychiatric institution, which sits uneasily with the rest of the harmless (but deadly) bodily fluid jokes.

'Deuce Bigalow' star Schneider is no stranger to the dire comedy genre and is not bad in this role considering the limitations, but it is disappointing to see a bicycle helmeted Heder play it so unfunny compared to his dazzling performance in nerd hit 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

Director Dennis Dugan ('Big Daddy', 'Happy Gilmore') does his best with a messy script and an unimaginative ending, complete with one of the geeks scoring Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter.

However, it must be pointed out that for some Adam Sandler is a comedic genius and 'The Benchwarmers' did quite well in the States, despite being slammed by most critics. As long as there is a market for this kind of slapstick, bathroom humour it looks like the prolific Sandler is going to keep churning them out.

Mary McCarthy