Directed by John Whitesell, starring Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, Emily Procter, Kat Dennings and Mark Moses.

Released in 2000, Martin Lawrence's cross-dressing cultural comedy 'Big Momma's House' pulled in $117m at the US box office. So it was only a matter of time before Lawrence donned the outsize dress and fake girth to go undercover once again as FBI Agent Malcolm Turner/Big Momma.

Now a few years on from his first adventure, Turner has settled into the quiet life - taking a desk job, visiting schools dressed as the FBI's eagle mascot and settling down with his pregnant girlfriend (Long) and stepson. But the death of his first partner shakes Turner out of his comfort zone. The dead agent was working on a case involving encryption software and now the FBI needs someone to go undercover as a nanny in the chief suspect's home. Is there a Big Momma in the house?

The mystery of who exactly Lawrence's fans are deepens by the film and even those who've indulged him in the past could find their patience vaporised here. Kids got a kick out of the original but the only kicks that'll be had from 'Big Momma's House 2' will be in the direction of the spoilsport adult who brought them to see it. This tea break-scripted fiasco can't offer either thrills or slapstick and while Lawrence is game enough (at millions of dollars a film, it's hardly breaking rocks is it?) the thud of one scene falling flat after another becomes ever louder.

A one-joke film - in search of a punchline.

Harry Guerin