Directed by Rob Cohen, starring Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard and Richard Roxburgh.

A slick 'Top Gun' for the 21st Century, 'Stealth' is set in the near future when the US navy designs an unmanned, computer controlled aircraft.

The Extreme Deep Invader, or EDI, is backed by a Commander with his own agenda (Shepard - decent) and placed with a trio of elite pilots - Lucas, Biel, Foxx- who are to show EDI the ropes dealing with Islamic terrorists, warlords and North Korea.

Before the action kicks off, Ben (Lucas) anxiously points out: "I just don't think war should become some kind of video game." But the film firmly ignores his plea, launching into PlayStation-like aerial combat for what seems like most of the film.

After the fighter jets return from a successful anti-terrorist strike, lightning damages EDI and on its next mission destroying nuclear weapons in Tajikistan the craft runs amok, defying orders and bombing targets of its own choice.

Can Ben save the world from World War III and the woman he loves - Kyra (Biel - bland) - who is busy making an emergency parachute landing from her hypersonic jet over South Korea?

The man guilty of bringing us the original 'xXx' directed 'Stealth'. Rob Cohen is fond of expensive and explosive CGI mayhem and doesn't fail to disappoint here.

You need to leave your nit picking at the door. This is not a realistic film, though it does raise the interesting and very realistic issue of the implications of taking humans out of the forefront of war, and who will be in control when technology develops to this point of independence.

'Stealth' suggests fancy toys are only as dangerous as the humans who put them to use, but unfortunately does not elaborate on this dilemma - instead focusing on drooling over the shiny jets and blowing up buildings with no obvious civilian causalities.

Overall, 'Stealth' is cheesy, and too long and boring for those not into video games, military aircraft, explosions or Jessica Biel in a bikini.

Mary McCarthy