Directed by Shimmy Marcus, starring Wuzza Conlon, Gavin Kelty, Laura Pyper, Steven Berkoff, Tom Hickey, Maire O'Neill, Mark Doherty and Mick Nolan.

Charlie (Conlon) is a loser with a capital L. He can't, or rather won't, hold down a job and lies to his girlfriend Vicky (Pyper) about said difficulty. Unfortunately for him, the dole isn't an ever-lasting source of income and Vicky soon discovers his deception and promptly dumps him. But, bad as things are for him, at least Charlie isn't reduced to rummaging in dumpsters like his best friend T-Bag (Kelty).

When T-Bag learns that a local crime lord known as the Uncle (Berkoff) is looking for someone to smuggle drugs from Amsterdam, Charlie, desperate to win Vicky back at any cost, comes up with a foolproof smuggling operation. Of course, with Charlie and T-Bag involved, something's bound to go wrong.

The police are soon alerted to their involvement with the Uncle, and Charlie's lies to Vicky about wanting to start a business draw his attention away from the job, leaving T-Bag to handle it alone - not the wisest move. It isn't long before the scam runs into difficulty.

'Headrush' is expertly shot and well written, with some great comic moments. Charlie, Vicky and T-Bag are portrayed by talented young actors, which bodes well for Irish cinema. The film has its bad points too, though, and the biggest of these is its timing. The Irish comedy/crime/drugs genre has been flooded in recent years with the likes of 'Intermission', 'Adam and Paul' and 'Cowboys & Angels' stealing the limelight from 'Headrush'.

Marcus' film is still worth seeing if the format appeals to you and its timing should not detract from its quality, just don't expect to see anything you haven't seen already.

Katie Moten