Directed by Doug Liman, starring Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Adam Brody, Vince Vaughn and Kerry Washington.

The original screenplay was Simon Kinberg's Master's thesis at Columbia University Film School. He met with Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter who won an Oscar for his adaptation of 'A Beautiful Mind', who became a lead player in the project. Doug Liman, who notched up the spy movie experience in 'The Bourne Identity', directed the whole show. This was never going to be a boring movie.

What was boring was Jane (Jolie) and John (Pitt) Smith's marriage. This ennui was born out of "little secrets", which create a nothingness between them. We first see them in their marriage counselling session, and then we see how and why these two individuals are together...

Bogotá, five or six years ago, Jane and John find each other in the midst of a revolution. From the outset they are attracted, intimate yet complete strangers. And not much has changed in their marriage - both living separate lives under the roof of their suburban home.

Jane and John's "little secrets" turn out to be one huge one: they are both contract assassins and their new targets are each other. The cloud of lies and secrecy is unveiled and, for the first time, they are forced to look at each other, and understand each other, and they fall in love all over again. Just as you think it's all settled, the action begins.

As the name suggests, 'Mr & Mrs Smith' is a film about their relationship. They are pushed apart by lies and pulled together by a forgotten love. These two dimensions are subtly portrayed with dark wit throughout the film. "I missed you" has a double meaning when you are leading a double life – when you are a top assassin and your partner is your current assignment.

In a film about sex, danger and misunderstanding, the casting is spot on. Jolie and Pitt don't act sexy, they are sexy - igniting the screen with their chemistry and mystery. Pitt was made in 'Thelma and Louise'. Here, he is remade in a role that gives him the space to do his own thing. For the first time in years he is given the opportunity to be the smirky, sexy lead man that you want him to be and that he often comes across as wanting to be. Jane Smith is powerful, a big risk taker and plays dangerously - resonate of Jolie. Neither Pitt nor Jolie is the star of the film, both are. And the highlight is a one-on-one shootout. Casting aside their weapons, they turn physical with kicks and punches, then they get physical.

A non-traditional romantic comedy/spy movie/action caper and adventure, 'Mr & Mrs Smith' has got knives, guns, grenades, rocket-launchers, sex, dancing, adrenaline and humour, all executed point blank.

This film is near flawless for what it's trying to achieve. It's a matter of whether you like the combined genres, or not.

Patricia O'Callaghan