Directed by Fintan Connolly, starring Aidan Gillen, Renee Weldon, Eamon Morrissey, Mannix Flynn and Declan Conlon.

'Trouble with Sex' is the second feature by the director/producer partnership of Fintan Connolly and Fiona Bergin. As with their previous film 'Flick', it is an achingly modern story set in Dublin.

Michelle (Weldon) is a young, confident lawyer in a relationship with a doctor named Ivan (Conlon). While she is wondering where the spark has gone in her relationship, she discovers that Ivan has been cheating on her and, following a confrontation at a party, she decides to end the relationship. Distraught and wandering the streets of Dublin, Michelle finds herself in a city centre pub and, before long, in the arms of its bartender Conor (Gillen).

It is depressing to realise that this vision of modern, post-Celtic Tiger Dublin is one populated with shallow and uninteresting people. It is difficult to like, let alone empathise with either of the main characters, as they move through life with pained expressions on their faces.

Michelle and Conor seem unable or unwilling to look on the bright side of the predicaments they find themselves in; in fact it is hard to remember an Irish movie that is so devoid of humour. Of course this isn't meant to be a comedy, but the fact that the central relationship doesn't look like it was much fun to be in makes all efforts to save it seem tedious.

Although the script gives them little interesting to say, both leads look well and the film, as a whole, is excellently shot. Dublin has rarely looked so well on screen, but it is a shame that the central characters' conversations are filled with the kind of banalities usually reserved for radio adverts.

An unremarkable tale of make-ups and break-ups, 'Trouble with Sex' says little about relationships that wasn't said better elsewhere.

Ray Donoghue