Directed by James L Brooks, starring Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni, Paz Vega, Cloris Leachman, Shelbie Bruce, Sarah Steele, Ian Hyland, Cecelia Suárez and Victoria Luna.

From the writer-director of 'As Good As It Gets' (James L Brooks) comes 'Spanglish', a hilarious fusion of American and Mexican tradition, stewed in a melting pot where the languages of English and Spanish are made to merge, dishing up a whole new way of talking.

Flor Moreno (Vega) is determined not to leave her home in Mexico, because she wants her daughter Cristina (Bruce) to have a true sense of where she is from. But inevitably she is forced to emigrate in order to give her daughter that better life that she has dreamed of. But, with little English to help her adapt to her new culture, the transition is not as smooth as she had hoped.

Narrated by the character of Cristina, a bilingual child who must serve as her mother's translator, the story winds through the pair's adventures as they try to make a new start in life. But when Flor takes a job keeping house for chef John Clasky (Sandler) and his scatty wife Deborah (Leoni), all their lives will be forever changed.

The Claskys' American dream lifestyle is a boastful façade, which hides the truth of a family who struggle to pull together. With an alcoholic grandmother (Leachman), an obsessive and bullying mother and a fragile child (Steele), the Claskys are much in need of Flor's loving touch. But just how involved can she become before realising that it is time to take a step back?

Touching everyone's life as she carries an infectious smile around the Clasky household, Flor soon finds that she has become too involved with the family, who cannot cope on their own. Becoming dangerously close to John, and feeling that she is losing her daughter Cristina to the clutches of the obsessive Deborah, Flor finally makes a tough decision - one that she knows will break both her own heart and Cristina's.

Adam Sandler plays the loveable rogue to full effect, with the wonderful Paz Vega making for some great screen chemistry alongside him. The story refreshingly portrays, in a very gentle manner, the sensitive guy wronged against, in a movie world often obsessed with the male cheater. 'Spanglish' is a pleasant mish-mash of merging cultures and clashing personalities, that makes for a very unusual take on American family life.

At best you'll laugh at the drunken antics of the once-famed singing grandmother, at worst you'll find 'Spanglish' a breeze, that will float over you in an inoffensive manner, leaving you none the worse for its touch.

Linda McGee