Directed by Paul WS Anderson, starring Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen and Ewen Bremner.

Ailing billionaire industrialist Charles Weyland (Henriksen) recruits a team of specialists - among them an extreme weather guide (Lathan), an archaeologist (Bova) and a chemical engineer (Bremner) - for a trip to the Antarctic. It seems that one of Weyland's satellites has found a pyramid, buried hundreds of feet beneath the ice, and he wants to be first to the discovery before he dies. But what Weyland has stumbled on isn't a historian's dream but humanity's worst nightmare: the pyramid has been designed by the Predators as a combat zone where they can do battle with their prey, the Aliens. And guess who are the bait?

A fantasy pairing for horror and sci-fi fans, it beggars belief that this crossover has taken so long to reach the screen. As far back as the second 'Predator' movie you could see the Alien's head as a trophy inside the former's spaceship and the face-off between the two has already received the comic and computer game treatment. So is the film worth the wait? Well, no. Denied preview screenings for critics in the US, but still climbing to the top of the box office charts, 'Alien vs Predator' isn't atrocious, but few will treat themselves to a marathon session of Sigourney, Arnie and this bunch of also-dieds on DVD in six month's time.

Like his take on 'Resident Evil', Anderson again shows he doesn't know how to handle characters - here a group of over 20 is whittled down to five, four, two and finally one without giving you a chance to remember their names. And while the dust-ups between two of the greatest and ugliest horror icons of the last 25 years are good, there just aren't enough of them. Maybe Freddy and Jason also need to be thrown into the action the next time 'round. A few decent one-liners would be a big help to humanity too. Trash, but passable trash.

Harry Guerin